Archetypes DeepDive


Orientation, Clarity, and Realignment: Integrating Spirituality and the Wholeness of Body, Soul, and Spirit

The journey to self-knowledge is often challenging, but it is incredibly rewarding. If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself. You’ll recognize and better understand the various facets of your personality. You’ll uncover the family behavior patterns that have influenced you and find ways to break free from old habits, paving the way for new experiences.

Are you currently struggling with…

  • Feelings of despair
  • Sleepless nights due to anxiety
  • Fear of loss
  • Self-doubt
  • Being stuck in old patterns
  • Physical symptoms like migraines or back pain

Do you finally want to…

  • Breathe deeply, feel clarity, and create inner space
  • Get off the hamster wheel
  • Move beyond passive experiences and actively shape your life with growing self-awareness
  • Recognize and overcome family entanglements
  • Find deeper meaning and purpose in your life
  • Finally find peace


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8 sessions over 8 weeks, packed with bonuses:

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Here’s what you can expect:

☀️ Session 1

Basics: Introduction to the selection and use of archetypes, and the astrological system of houses.

Homework: Select your individual archetypes.

☀️ Session 2

Archetype Selection: Identify 12 archetypes and place them in the astrological houses. Begin a deep dive and reflection.

Explore the significance of archetypes in astrological houses and their connection to your personal story.

☀️Session 3

Finding your identity: Explore your identity, resolve entanglements, recognize influences and find paths to your authentic self.

Security and values: Analyze self-doubt, illuminate your value system, spiritual beliefs and sources of motivation for self-renewal and reorganization in life.

☀️Session 4

Clarifying perception by analyzing communication patterns to overcome old behaviors.

Mental Identity – Identification and analysis of family influences to promote personal growth.

☀️ Session 5

Creativity and Love of Life: Identify blockages in your life energy to enhance creativity and joy.

Work and Health: Analyze your work habits and the connection between body and mind for better well-being. Incorporate new approaches for physical and psychological improvements.

☀️ Session 6

1:1 Relationships: Reflect on your projections onto others to change personal relationship patterns.

Transformation Through Self-Reflection: Discover hidden abilities and treasures to enrich your life.

☀️ Session 7

Finding Meaning: Reflect on fears, crises, and traumas to discover a deeper purpose in life.

Life Goals & Potential: Address self-sabotage patterns and fears of failure and success to unlock your highest potential.

☀️ Session 8

Friendship, Soulmates, Global Community: Reflect on your role and responsibilities in the world to address social challenges and foster connections.

Exploring the Hidden: Create a deeper connection with life through self-awareness.

Review & Conclusion

What else do you get?

8 weeks of support that will provide deep insights into your life, plus additional bonus offers!

☀️ Archetype Card Set: Discover the light and shadow of ancient archetypal behavior patterns with an 80-card set, sent by post.

☀️ Archetype Journal (PDF): Notes to help you stay engaged and focused.

☀️ Implementation Support: Monday to Friday, receive WhatsApp or email support within my working hours.

☀️ Panic Button: If needed, I’ll respond within a few hours or as quickly as possible.

☀️ Audio Meditation: Embark on an inner journey to discover peace and experience a deep connection with the wisdom of nature.

☀️ Persistence Support: Receive thought suggestions and affirmations 1-2 times a week, only if desired.

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