In what ways can archetypes aid us in our desire for change?

Archetypes are omnipresent in every aspect of our lives on many levels and in various ways. They speak a universal language and contain universal symbolic meanings.
Archetypes may also be defined as a guiding force that influences our behavior and awareness without our conscious knowledge. How can we use these guiding principles for our personal growth?
Assuming that we are influenced by the paradigms of our childhood, it would be a wise idea to examine the inprints that still affect our lives. According to Caroline Myss, the four universal archetypes – the child, the victim, the prostitute, and the saboteur – hold special significance. In fact, it was them who were largely responsible for our survival in childhood. Therefore, they are called “survivor archetypes” because they ensure our psychic (and in some cases physical) well-being when we grow up. Once we have internalized their unique strategies, these unconsciously held patterns will inevitably surface in (negative as well as positive) stress situations, which will affect our behavior and life experiences.By taking a close look at our unconscious directing pattern, we are able to have a deeper self-reflection and in turn learn about new dimensions of our growth and possible changes. Taking conscious notice of the four archetypical forces which shaped our early life is already a big step toward expanding our own perception. Second, we might want to create from a number of other archetypes an archetypical birth chart. This could give us a holographic impression of our individual journey and life purpose.
It is through understanding and detecting the predicaments within us as obstacles and stumbling blocks that it is possible for change to be invited and life goals adjusted. Finding the ‘red thread’ in my own life was paramount to me from the very beginning. I have significantly benefited from the continuous work with archetypes and their forces in terms of my own reflections and perspective. It is most definitely not always an easy task. However, it does bring more authenticity to a life that allows us to hear the voice of our own souls with far greater clarity.



Archetypical Consulting
Archetypical Consulting