The Archetype of the Saboteur

 – the guardian of our decisions

The saboteur will help us identify any areas or topics that restrict our ability to make decisions that ultimately empower us and will allow us to more easily identify any self-esteem issues we might have.

Often, the Saboteur will manifest self-destructive behavior or may also wish to undermine others.

The forces of this archetypal energy are within every individual.

The archetype of the saboteur greatly impacts our ability to grow. Everything in our world is interconnected, and we are the microcosm, reflecting the macrocosm across all levels of our being, and vice versa. The decisions we make, and the choices we make, are ultimately acts of transformation that are tangible on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level.

As we become acquainted with our saboteur and learn the specific strategies of this archetype, we can learn to trust ourselves. Having the ability to trust ourselves can make us more likely to believe in ourselves. To develop faith in ourselves is one of the first steps on a long journey to our authentic selves. When we embark on the journey to change, the Saboteur showing up in the shadow is often one of the first archetypes we encounter. To move toward change may feel a bit like stepping into the unknown. We may hesitate, be fearful or even withdraw from change entirely. Thus, it is very helpful to know the strategies we implement to boycott genuine empowerment.  







© Angela Fischlein