The Archetype of the Victim

– the guardian of boundaries

The victim archetype, like every other archetype, has a light and a shadow side. When we are captured on the shadow side, it is almost as if our behavior is on autopilot. We cannot have any influence whatsoever on it. This archetype belongs to the four “survival archetypes” described by C. Myss, which every human creature possesses in one form or another.

The importance of being aware of our earliest inprints is immense, so we can shed light on the darker aspects and the persistant shadows of these archetypes. Being aware of how the forces of the victim paradigm influence us is a crucial first step toward a possible change, but only if change and personal growth is an anticipated goal.

Victim-archetypes tend to move through life with a low sense of self-worth. As he/she falls into a victim role, his/her boundaries are frequently crossed. However, by abusing other people or violating unreflectively the boundaries of others, he/she may also be able to turn the spear in reverse. The defense mechanisms of the Victim Archetype are fight, flight and/or freeze, – a complete failure to respond or commit to defense.



© Angela Fischlein