The Archetype of the Prostitute

 – the guardian of faith

It is the compromises in life that challenge us to ask ourselves what we really want, if we are to honor our true nature or if we are sacrificing it for the sake of safety. What keeps us from listening to what our hearts desire? Which beliefs prevent us from reaching our full potential so that an authentic part of our hopes and dreams is not realized, recognized, and fulfilled? The archetype of the prostitute will be called on stage the moment issues relating to “security” are addressed; for some it is money, employment, for others it is food, relocation, and potential repercussions. Whenever we fear a possible threat, the prostitute publicly declares: “Security must come first, I’ll pay for it whatever the costs are!”

There is this part of us that lives in a state of tension in order to survive while at the same time staying loyal to ourselves. Who hasn’t faced challenges and conflicts of this kind?

According to C. Myss, the archetype of the prostitute is one of the four universal “survival archetypes”. Among them are our earliest impressions of childhood and adolescence, which continue to influence our behavior and our decisions.

The prostitute’s forces have the potential to manipulate us in situations where we are misguided into selling our authenticity as a result of a perceived sense of “security”. Perhaps, if we become aware once – it is not possible to simply revert to old behaviors. Once we recognize this element of self-denial, transformation and change may be possible.




© Angela Fischlein