What I Can Offer You

Individual sessions in person (online & offline)       

Group sessions via zoom with a maximum of six participants

*Archetypes Basic Radix (Diagram Casting)

*Archetypes Radix Reading

*Archetypes Radix Reflection (indepth process work)

*The small “Soul-Alphabet” (4 Survival Archetypes)

*The big “Soul-Alphabet” (12 Archetypes)

*Unfolding within the Wheel of Archetypes – a year long indepth journey of self-reflection

*SoulCollage® card creation (individual and group setting)                 *The Journey with archetypes in combination with SoulCollage® *SoulCollage®- a journey through the astrological houses

*Council meetings online & offline

Contact & Registration

Email: spirit(at)soul-fish.net

Mobil: +49-173 93 56 059

To book an appointment re archetypal consulations please click on the link below.