SoulCollage® was developed in the 1980s by theologian and Jungian therapist Seena Frost, M.A., M.Div, in the United States.

In her book “SoulCollage® Evolving” she states: “Stirr together the ingredients of yout imagination and intuition with a few powerful, cut-out images, and you can create your first SoulCollage® card.”

SoulCollage® enables us to discover our inner selves through the process of creating collages. The collaged cards reflect personal content and reveal deep wisdom in the truest sense of the word.

Creating these simple cards gives us an opportunity to explore our soul, our shadow, and our inborn talents. The process creates a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness, allowing participants to reframe and clarify their perceptions of their inner and outer lives. A particular form of verbal reflection allows non-judging of one’s own card as well as those of others.

The design of our inner landscapes through collages requires no artistry and can be a way to cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness for every individual. Most of the time, the process of SoulCollage® takes place in a quiet, meditative atmosphere. This stimulates an inner attitude of heightened awareness and sensitivity towards oneself and others as well.

The language of the soul describes the moment and is an expression of the here and now. Through creative expression, we can connect with the creative flow of energy and our innermost selves.


A deck of cards can be categorized into four suits:

In the Committee Suit, you will find different images representing the different aspects that make up your personality.

Each Community Suit card represents influences on us, such as friends, family members, pet companions, historical personalities, or even very special places which are meaningful to us.

The Companions Suit consists of the animal spirits inhabiting each chakra.

Jungian archetypes are included in the Council Suit as important aspects of a person’s own journey.

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