The Ways of Healing Sounds

The body and ears perceive sound as a vibration and movement. More than 70% of our bodies are made up of liquid and possess a high level of vibration and conductivity. This allows sound waves to reach each and every cell in our bodies.

The human ear cannot distinguish these overtone-rich sounds since the tone sequences do not conform to normal hearing patterns. This encourages the brain to switch to slower rhythms, such as those of the Alpha and Theta waves. This allows rational thinking patterns to be bypassed. In this way, the focus shifts from the outer to the inner, and direct access to the unconscious and the hidden can be felt without previous practice.

The use of a sound board can facilitate in-depth therapeutic work. The experience on a sound board allows for deep therapeutic work through rich, resonant tones being transmitted. Taking a sound journey can help someone experience a lasting sense of relaxation and peace within themselves as well as with the world around them. Along with its rich sound, the 35 string monochords are also fascinating for their ability to induce a trance-like state, assisting meditative journeys into the present moment.

Various large and small singing bowls as well as a crystal sound pyramid are also used during a session. This involves placing and playing them both on and around the body. With this method, the instruments create overtones, which intertwine into a field of sole vibration. Due to the resonance, the high water content of the body is transmuted, causing deep relaxation and releasing of blocks. The whole body’s energy flow changes as a result, and self-healing functions are activated.